"A Wisconsin Drinking Club with a Running Problem."

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Welcome to the Waukesha Hash House Harriers

Drinking and running in the Brew City and Southeastern Wisconsin in general (and outdrinking Chicago) every other Saturday plus full moons since 1979. Hells bells, up nort' here we drink BEER!!!

For the latest hash news and last-minute schedule updates, please visit the WH3 Yahoo group and Facebook page (links above).

(Dates and times may/WILL/MUST change at the whim of our glorious GM, "ALL HAIL THE GM" -- so pay attention!)

How do I get to the Hash?

Check out this handy guide to Milwaukee County Public Transit to get to the hash using ENVIRONMENTALLY-FRIENDLY PUBLIC TRANSIT!!! (no driving = safe drinking!)

Note To Hares:

Please help your fellow hashers plan to attend your hash and get your venue info to the hare raiser() and the web dude () well in advance.

Waukesha Hash House Harriers present:

It's time to pre-reg for Pearl Harbor!!


To pre-reg for Pearl Harbor, use this form.


  • $25.00 until November 8, 2014
  • $35.00 November 9, 2014 December 6 [day of event]



Please contact if you're interested in laying trail as there are many prime dates still available! Hares are what makes the hash happen so please do your fair share to keep this great thing going!


The Hash House Harriers are an informal worldwide social group. Individuals participating in Waukesha Hash House Harriers events, in the act of participating explicitly represent they are adults of legal age to consume alcoholic beverages per the statutory requirements of the State of Wisconsin (i.e. grown-ups) and are solely responsible for their own behavior and actions. By participating in hash events, the individual further acknowledges that, although unlikely, as with anything that includes sporting and/or athletic-type activities, one could possibly cause injury to oneself and that knowing this, they acknowledge they are aware of the potentially deleterious effects of the consumption of alcoholic beverages in various quantities and are therefore personally responsible for their own personal consumption of alcoholic beverages if they so choose to voluntarily indulge, driving (highly discouraged), running in a wide variety of terrains, their actions within a community as well as their own personal behavior resulting therefrom in general. The Waukesha H3 and its individual members, heirs, and all assigns are not in any way responsible for the actions of anyone, i.e. y'all are responsible for your individual selves. Have fun, enjoy the company of your peers, be responsible, and be considerate of others. Lighten up folks, this is all for fun, so be smart and be safe!

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